Vanilla Milk & Honey Soap Bar

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Our Milk & Honey Vanilla Soap Bar offers beautiful moments of ease and balance, which are necessary for all parts of your life. Allow this blended bar of Vanilla to move throughout your skin and enter the air in your lungs to regenerate skin and comfort the mind.

With the power to relieve PMS symptoms, fight infection, boost libido, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and reduce depression, this soap helps to change your perspective to see that you're a work of art. In that unique artistry, there are unlimited wins that can bring you happiness.

This shift can translate into more wins not only for you but those around you as well. Continue to see the bigger picture, even in the smallest frames. 

Scent: Vanilla

Meditation Mantra: I welcome ease & peace into my life.

GOAT'S MILK FOR GENTLE EXFOLIATION: Goat's milk is a gentle cleanser & exfoliator. It is rich in antioxidants & helps support a healthy skin microbiome. It's fatty acids helps to moisturize skin while its high vitamin A content helps to keep skin youthful & vibrant. It is also excellent for helping to soothe sensitive skin.

HONEY FOR HYDRATION: Honey helps to lock moisture in skin due to its extremely hydrating properties. The added moisture helps to boost your skins elasticity giving it a natural glow and overall healthy look.

VANILLA ESSENTIAL OIL FOR WELL-BEING: Vanilla can have a wonderfully calming influence on your mind. It tends to trigger happy memories which can elevate your mood and bring about a general sense of well-being.

MEDITATION SHOWER RITUAL: Focus on the accompanying mantra as you cleanse your skin in the shower. Envision your stressors of the day draining as you rinse your body. Repeat as needed.

HANDMADE WITH INTENTION: All of our soap bars are homemade with high quality butters, herbs & essential oils in Brooklyn, NY in small batches to ensure excellent quality.

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR AROMATHERAPY: Our soap bars are scented with high quality essential oils only to encourage aromatherapy healing & all natural body care. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce stress & anxiety, help with headaches & migraines, stimulate the central nervous system which monitors your internal organs & transmits signals to the glands & muscles, activate the brains limbic systems which controls your emotions, improve sleep & mental clarity & assist in elevating us to a more spiritual state.



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Marvin Kipp
Mr. Clean

I’m not bald but if I could explain how my body feels after using this product would be him. I’ve used Dove for years and haven’t felt this clean or moisturized after a shower. Amazing stuff