Aromatherapy Massage Bar Soap Bundle

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Bundle & save on our full size Aromatherapy Massage Bar collection!

Handcrafted with essential oils & made with no SLS, parabens, phthalates or fragrances!

3 popular essential oil scents to meet your needs!

REFRESH & SOOTHE (Eucalyptus): Our Refresh & Soothe Aromatherapy Massage Bar is an excellent way to cleanse the body while releasing the troubles of the day, igniting the senses of blissful peace. With so much that happens on a day-to-day basis to both our skin and minds, take a deep breath in and let go of any worry or anxiety that may be plaguing your insides. Using Eucalyptus as a key ingredient, this massage soap is the ultimate de-stresser. As a way to alleviate headaches, combat stress, and soothe the mind, set your intention for the next day and release this aroma onto your skin, and massage for a heightened experience. Your heart will thank you for all the love you're pouring into yourself.

• Alleviates headaches
• Combats stress and soothes the mind
• Helps to control allergies
• Relieves mental exhaustion
• Rejuvenates the spirit

UPLIFT & ENERGIZE (White Grapefruit): Create a routine of tranquility, peace, and mindfulness with our Uplift & Energize Aromatherapy Massage Bar that encourages you to become a better version of yourself. Boost your mornings with a fusion of energized sweetness to keep you refreshed throughout the day. Made with White Grapefruit, massage your body and feel your stress going down the drain. Formulated to balance mood, and relieve stress, ignite meaning with every cleanse. This soap allows you to take back control, empowering the mind for a new, holistic lifestyle. Take mindfulness to a new level and indulge in the excellent self-care of a massage bar that fuels your peace.

• Balances mood
• Decreases blood pressure
• Relieves stress
• Refreshes the mind

RELAX & DE-STRESS (Lavender): Our Relax & Destress Aromatherapy Massage Bar offers a calming formula that relaxes the skin and mind for nourishing benefits that your skin craves for a good night's rest. With the soothing aroma, the active ingredient of Lavender works overtime to calm the skin from harsh elements and create a peaceful canvas that your body needs. For those who struggle with sleep, use daily before bed to calm the nervous system for revitalization while you sleep. Heal holistically with a carefully crafted soap that targets the mind and protects the natural barrier from any nighttime mishaps.

-Can help reduce headache pain
-Helps with mood, anxiety and depression
-Can calm the nervous system, uplift the mood and lower blood pressure

Aromatherapy Benefits:
• Helps to improve sleep and mental clarity
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• May help with headaches and migraines
• May help to create a more meaningful connection to something bigger than ourselves and may assist in elevating us to a more spiritual state
• Stimulates central nervous system, which monitors your internal organs and transmits signals to your glands and muscles
• Activates the brains limbic systems which controls your emotions

-Ideal Concerns: Stress Impurities, Dryness
-Skin Type: All

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