About Us

Through exceptional care and dedication, Seeker and Soul crafts apothecary products with the holistic power of minerals, oils, herbs, crystals, and extracts from the earth. In an effort to restore balance to the mind, body & spirit, each collection is made to help bring purposeful care to self-care routines. Our roots rely on true and tried natural remedies and mantras that provide high-quality, intentional items that initiate seamless self-care.
Like plants, our skin soaks up the sun, and naturally, we are firmly rooted in being rejuvenated by natural ingredients from the earth to recharge the strength that our body holds. At Seeker and Soul, we've established a lasting skincare system that matters and helps transform individuals into a realm of natural healing. From the harsh outdoor elements and free radicals that damage our skin to the many systems that allow our body to function, good health is vital. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on big-name brands for a trusting and natural path toward health. With synthetics being the main ingredients in many of today's skincare products, Seeker and Soul seeks to change the narrative. Our goal is to nourish and feed the skin's natural barrier with nature's own organic medicine and mantras that ignite a spiritual awakening for a holistic lifestyle. We truly believe that through intentional self-care rituals rooted in nature, personal transformation can occur. Integrating the secrets of Mother Earth's gems, Seeker and Soul is a source of empowerment for everyone who believes in an impactful self-care regimen. Consider these products the real path towards better care from the inside out. Our process with every product is mindful from start to finish, focused on elevating and supporting the mind, body & spirit with each application.