Vanilla Milk & Honey Soap Bar

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Our Milk & Honey Vanilla Soap Bar offers beautiful moments of ease and balance, which are necessary for all parts of your life. Allow this blended bar of Vanilla to move throughout your skin and enter the air in your lungs to regenerate skin and comfort the mind.

With the power to relieve PMS symptoms, fight infection, boost libido, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and reduce depression, this soap helps to change your perspective to see that you're a work of art. In that unique artistry, there are unlimited wins that can bring you happiness.

This shift can translate into more wins not only for you but those around you as well. Continue to see the bigger picture, even in the smallest frames.

Goat's Milk:
-Gentle cleanser
-Rich in antioxidants
-Supports a health skin microbiome
-Natural exfoliant

-Helps to rejuvenate skin
-Helpful for acne prone skin

Name: Milk & Honey (Vanilla)
Mantra: I welcome ease & peace into my life.

-Application: Apply to wet skin and lather for an even clean. If irritation occurs discontinue use.
-Ideal Concerns: Skin Flaking, Impurities, Dryness
-Skin Type: All
-Paraben Free
-Sulfate Free
-Phthalates Free

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